As a River Resident
You are invited to join the Progress Association.

Berowra Waters Progress Association

In the past couple of years, the Progress Association has achieved so many things for the Community at large.

To name only a few things, as these are published the Berowra Waters Community directory, we organised a defibrillator to be installed on the ferry, trained 45 people from local residents and businesses in free first aid courses and helped pay insurance on the Santa Boat / Events run by the Ladies Committee. The residents carpark now has a Book Swap cupboard.

What we do is ongoing, and the Progress Association meets with the Local Council twice a year and so far have managed to get them to tidy and fix the public toilets, maintain the pontoons and approaches, remove the dangerous trees that were next to the toilet area and tar over the corner turn, install doggy poo bags dispensers, paint and fix up the picnic areas, fix potholes, remove old signage, and fix the roof on the old postal shed.

We have also pushed Ausgrid to fix the lighting on the roads.

We get the Community together for the annual Weeding Day every year. The weeds on the ferry approach have now been removed, however this requires constant monitoring.

Clean up Australia Day on the river is organised each year through the Progress Association.

All the amenities in the area have been improved due to the voluntary efforts of the Association members. There is certainly strength in numbers, and the collective voices of our growing number of members are conveyed to Council through our lobbying.

01  Can anyone join ?

Our focus is on issues that directly affect the Residents and Businesses on the river. To maximise participation and support, the membership is strictly only for Residents and local Businesses at this time.

02  does it cost anything ?

As a local volunteer Community Group, we do our best for the area and we ask for a modest $30 a year, or $50 for 2 years. This helps us pay for the Ladies Committee Insurance (Santa Boat and Community Events) and other local projects. All financials are disclosed to the members.

03  Any projects in the pipeline ?

Our dream is to build a Community Centre using Community funds and are in the process of our 4th application to see this long term project to fruition.

We are also liaising with the various authorities to establish digital data addresses from Silverwater Estate up to Coba Point. River residents are unable to complete most online forms, due to the absence of a street number address. This initiative will allow emergency services to be able to accurately pinpoint residents’ properties, speed up evacuation times and save lives.

04  water quality ?

We have a vested and ongoing interest in the quality of the water.