Join The River buzz

If you live along Berowra Waters or intend to move into the area, you are most welcome and encouraged to join our local Community Associations.


This website is owned by the Berowra Waters Progress Association Inc., for the benefit of the local residents, businesses and visitors.

The Association is comprised of local river residents who meet at various times during the year.

Our aim is to seek improved facilities and infrastructure for the benefit of the local residents and visitors.

We have a keen interest in improving the water quality and making the area safe for everyone, by sharing all relevant   information.


Make IT your year

Keep the river clean

Any waste will destroy the habitat of a lot of our river species.

If you see rubbish floating in the water, please scoop it out.

The River Gods will reward your fishing, if you do your bit.


Keep the Park Clean

The environment is important to us. There are several bins around the park and close to the tables and benches.

Bush Walks

With several walking tracks on offer, select the one that lets you escape from stress, or simply experience the wonderful surroundings.


Boat Ramp

Launch your kayaks, canoes or trailer boats from Dusthole Bay, right next to the Marina.

Plenty of parking for your car and empty trailer.


There are gas BBQ’s next to the covered tables and benches.

Cook your catch from the river, or bring your own fresh food from home.


Overnight, weekend and week stays

You will find a vast range of accommodation along Berowra Creek, extending from Silverwater Reach to Coba Point.

Whether you’re traveling with family, friends or going it alone, you’re sure to find a place to relax.

Obey the water rules

When you leave the marina, you must travel at no more than 4 knots until you see the yellow fluro sign on the right hand side as you go past Calabash Bay.

After that, it is a No Wash Zone for some distance. Wash will cause damage to the foreshore, pontoons, small boats, and can cause injury and annoyance to everyone.

Most importantly, the wash from boats can destabilise the river bank and cause algal blooms.



4 beautiful places to dine. The river offers the scenery, and the chefs present their professional culinary delights for you to enjoy.


Great Fishing

Berowra’s most common fish species are bream, mulloway, and flathead, all excellent white flesh fish and worth up to $45 per kg in Sydney shops.


Boat Hire and River Cruise Tours

You can hire kayaks, tinnies,  bbq boats and some really fast boats!

There are spectacular river sceneries and secluded beaches to visit.

If booking a tour, enjoy delicious Aussie barbecue, gourmet lunches, including Australian wine and beer.



Local Stats


The Berowra Waters area was originally inhabited by the Darug and Guringai Aboriginal peoples. The name Berowra is said to be an Aboriginal word meaning place of many winds. During the 1800s, Berowra Creek was used intermittently by loggers and fishermen who camped along its banks.

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Pictures taken by locals

About Us

The Berowra Waters Progress Association was formed in the early 1930’s to draw local residents and business operators together as a community, seeking improved facilities and infrastructure for the benefit of locals and visitors.

The Association was incorporated in 1997 and continues to promote community events, environmental health and strong engagement with all levels of government, to achieve outcomes that are positive for Berowra Waters’ residents, property owners, business operators and visitors. or